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CHECK POINT wicked king series 30ML

  • Brand: Check Point
  • Product Code: wk
  • Availability: In Stock

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  • WK01 Extreme Black Ice Blocks with rich tobacco, add a lot of mint leaves, cool and not licking the throat. It is a very good choice for beginners. It has a real smoke and no mint!   Flavor :Medium Mint + Tobacco
  • WK02 Naval Corps Slip-like imitation of tobacco scent, completely 冇 tar nicotine and strange smell, the best real smoke substitute, quit the citizen's holy things!  Flavor : thick tobacco
  • WK03 Shocking Lion King The smell of cigar smoke is filled with the sweetness of cocoa beans, just the right shade, the taste is simple!    Flavor  Light tobacco
  • WK04 Irish Cream has a natural sweetness with a hint of milk, the entrance is delicate and smooth, the creamy scent stays in the mouth, and it is the best choice for elegance and taste!  Flavor  Cream
  • WK05 Royal Coffee is not disappointing from the opening of the bottle, and it is not disappointing to breathe out. Without the bitterness of espresso, it has a faint creamy fragrance, so you can enjoy the European style of leisure!  Flavor Coffee
  • WK06 Polar ice cubes The sleek mint smoke oil, which is deep in the throat, no matter whether the mouth or nostrils are full of minty taste, like the peak of the Himalayas! Flavor Super mint
  • WK07 Green storm cold mint leaves, turned into smoke clouds to swim in your mouth, after the cold and refreshing, leaving a real taste of the mint leaves with green barley, like the traces after the storm, it is worth tasting slowly!  Flavor Medium mint + Candy
  • WK08 Kiss in the evening The top note is the taste of passion fruit, followed by the scent of jasmine, and finally stays in the mouth with the grape, and really feel the level !   Flavor  Jasmine + fruit
  • WK09 Red Witch The flower is led by roses, and a variety of florals are mixed into it, bringing out fresh and uncommon scent, making the taste taste three-dimensional and challenging the taste buds!  Flavor Rose
  • WK10 Vineyard The sweet and sour taste of the grapes suddenly rushes into the cavity, and the fruity fragrance is faintly expressed. The most appropriate description should be the taste of the giant peak! Grape fans must try! Flavor  Fruit
  • WK11 Caramel Popcorn Caramel Popcorn taste, addictive!  Flavor Popcorn
  • WK12 Green Coffee The strong coffee taste at the entrance, there is a touch of green tea fragrance when exhaling, a strange layering! Give it a try again! Flavor : Coffee

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