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Vapemoho MOD (Suitable for Relx 1st generation)

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Device parameters:

Battery capacity: 380Mah

Dimensions: 90x20x12mm

Weight: 18g

Output power: 7.5w

Charging time: 30Min

main feature:

1. Smart Air Switch

2. Power-on vibration, 15-port vibration

3. Leading ceramic core technology, more delicate taste

4. Alloy colorful oxidation process

5. Support Type-C fast charging

Applicable pods: only applicable to Relx Classic 1st generation pods, Huanxi, FUJI, LANA, AJI, Ultimate, PINO, SECRET

Vapemoho Single Machine

Colors: Black Blue, Black Gold, Snow White, Candy Orange, Candy Green, Light White, Gradient Gray-Blue, Gradient Gold Powder, Gradient Red and Black, Sculpted Wave, Sculpted Lightning

Dimensions: 90x20x12mm

Weight: 18g

How to use: The pod is a metal contact, and the pod and the pod are sucked together by a magnet. After the combination, you can enjoy the taste of tobacco.

Moho pods have a throat-like feel like real smoke. The taste of real smoke, and zero tar is healthier.

One pod smokes about 300 to 400 sips, and after smoking, you can directly discard it and replace it with the next one.

Charging method: Type C charging, 30Min

Battery capacity: 370Mah

Number of intakes: 15 mouthfuls of vibration

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