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Halo nicotine salt smoke oil


35/50 mg


Tribeca is one of the most popular rations in Vapor on the market. It is also one of Cat's favorite tobacco-flavored smoky oils. The smokey flavor of the smoke inlet combines with the crispy roasted nuts, with a little vanilla scent and a touch of jujube. The smoke is dense and the entrance is full and smooth. The aftertaste is slightly sweet and sweet. .


Halo's classic taste - 15, a blend of tobacco-flavored smoke oil, it is a nicotine salt product specially prepared by halo for Chinese fans, and one of the best-selling flavors. The taste of tobacco is very high, and the combination of cocoa powder and tobacco forms a mellow feeling, which is endless. The entrance is rich in caramel and mixed with the taste of chocolate powder. When exhaled, the tobacco has a scent of tobacco and cheeks. The layering is distinct and it is very addictive.


The absolute zero we are familiar with is back! The cool, cool, cool mint blends with the faint aroma of tobacco, which is also the leader in the halo family, taking a sip of it and letting the cold feel spread throughout the body. Cat brothers feel that this salt oil can be combined with the other six flavors of halo to get a richer taste experience.


This bubble powder sugar tastes the same as the bubble gum that you eat when you were young. The sweet taste of the candy blends with the nicotine salt, and the spirit of pleasure is very wonderful. After the smoke, the sweet candy taste and the unique smell of bubble gum ( This taste cat brother did not find a suitable adjective), the taste is highly realistic, and the throat is smooth, I feel that the girl may prefer the taste of this salt oil.

The scent of mint is blended with the fragrance of the orchid. The smog is slowly released into the mouth. The smoke is smooth and smooth, and the refreshing and refreshing brunins are filled with mouth and throat. It is really "like the blue".


The classic memory of childhood summer - stealing watermelon in the watermelon field, nervous and exciting, wild watermelon, the sweetness of watermelon in this smoky oil, with the nicotine salt, highly restores the refreshing and sweet taste of watermelon, and it also has a nervous and exciting a feeling of.


The sweet and sour mixed berry smoke instantly "explodes" in the mouth of the mouth. The sweet and juicy berries are like the feeling of smashing. This taste enjoyment is something that other nicotine salt smoke oil can't bring to me, breaking my taste for nicotine salt. The established impression, the smoke has a distinct layering, and the entrance is smooth. If you add a little absolute zero, it will be more delicious.

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